For emergencies always dial 911

For non-emergencies, please view the information below for the various law enforcement, fire, and emergency mangement agencies serving the area. 

City Agencies 

College Place Fire Department - Fire Chief David Winter
Phone: (509)-394-8605 Email:

College Place Police Department - Police Chief Troy Tomaras

Phone: (509)-394-8550 Email:

Neighboring/Regional Agencies

City of Walla Walla Fire Department - Fire Chief Bob Yancey
Phone: (509)-527-4429 Email:

City of Walla Walla Police Department - Police Chief Scott Bieber
Phone: (509)-527-1960 Email:

Walla Walla County Emergency Management - Director Liz Jessee
Phone: (509)-524-2900 Email:

Walla Walla County Sheriff - Sheriff John Turner
Phone: (509)-524-5400 Email: