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Downtown Catalyst Incentive

College Avenue Mixed Use  College Avenue Mixed Use Two

The College Place City Council approved Ordinance No. 20-001 Creating the Downtown Catalyst Incentive Program. The incentive program is meant to encourage mixed-use, sustainable development that encourages a walkable, multiuse Downtown Business District along College Avenue. This program creates a competitive incentive program where developers can submit projects to the City that satisfy the vision of the Comprehensive Plan/College Avenue Design Standards, has a defined public benefit (public art, shared public parking), and other benefits. Applications shall be reviewed by the Economic Development, Tourism, and Events Commission and approved by the College Place City Council. Succesful applicants can have partial, or even up to full building permit fees/grading permit fees waived. Only one (1) project per year can be chosen. This incentive only is applicable for properties in the Downtown Mixed-Use Zone along College Avenue. 

2020 Application Materials