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City Council

The College Place City Council Meeting Schedule:
First Tuesday of each month - Workshop at 5:30 PM
Second and Fourth Tuesday of each Month - Regular meeting at 7:00 PM

Council Meeting Agendas, Packets, and Minutes can be accessed here.

City Council Audio/Video Meetings can be found here - College Place You Tube

It is SO EASY to participate in public meetings!
Back Row: Jerry Bobbitt, Michael Cleveland, Heather Schermann, Loren Peterson
Front Row: Melodie Selby, Marge Nyhagen, Norma Hernandez

 College Place Mayor & City Council Members as of 1-25-2022
Mayor Norma Hernandez Term ends 12/31/2025 Contact
 Council Position 1  Paul Jessup  Appointed through 12/31/2023 Contact
 Council Position 2  Michael Cleveland  Term ends 12/31/2025  Contact
 Council Position 3  Tito Espinoza  Term ends 12/31/2025  Contact
 Council Position 4  Loren Peterson  Term ends 12/31/2023  Contact
 Council Position 5  Melodie Williams  Term ends 12/31/2023  Contact
 Council Position 6  Heather Schermann  Term ends 12/31/2023  Contact
 Council Position 7  Monica Boyle  Term ends 12/31/2023  Contact