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Wastewater Lift Station 5

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Robert McAndrews - Public Works Director
Em: rmcandrews@cpwa.us
Ph: (509)-394-8526

October 1st, 2021 Project Update Video

Update (3-14-2022): JUB Engineers is currently designing replacement Lift Station #5. The City is engaged in property negotiation on placement of replacement Lift Station. 

Wastewater Lift Station #5 dates from the 1970's and is undersized for capacity. It also is a trip hazard as the lid lifts a foot above a sidewalk. The project entails demolishing the old lift station, restoring the sidewalk, and moving the lift station to a formal small building with appropriate sized pumps across the street. This lift station conveys sewage from neighborhoods to the West of College Avenue.  

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Completed Public Works Trust Fund Application
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Resolution #21-016 listing Lift Station #5 as Priority Project
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Draft 2022 to 2027 Capital Facility Plan
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