On April 25th 2017 the City Council established a Parks, Arbor, and Recreation Board. 
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2018 - Current PAR Board Meeting documents are available on Board Docs.
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Recordings of meetings are available on the City of College Place YouTube Page under the Parks, Arbor, and Recreation Board playlist.

To view 2017 meeting agendas, packets, and minutes click here.

Members of the Board shall reside within the boundaries of College Place School District 250, with preference given to residents of the City of College Place. At all times, at least three members of the Board shall be residents of the City of College Place.

The Board is entrusted with the responsibilities of advising and making recommendations to the City Council for the acquisition, control, improvement, beautification and planning of all public parks of the City as well as recreation facilities. The Board shall periodically review whether the lands being used for park purposes are adequate and shall recommend to the City Council what additional lands and grounds should be acquired and used for park and recreation purposes. The Board may explore and recommend public/private partnerships where appropriate and feasible. The Board shall also recommend design of parks and structures therein to the City Council and shall make recommendations on an updated comprehensive plan element for parks and recreation facilities for the City.

Current PAR Board members are:
James Fry, Position 1, term exp. 12-31-2027
Lafe Bissell, Position 2, term exp 12-31-2024
Jenna Bicknell, Position 3, term exp. 12-31-2027
Jordan Green, Position 4, term exp 12-31-2024
Norman Thiel, Position 5, term exp 12-31-2027

Non-Voting Advisor: Jim Dumont

For additional information on the PAR Board please contact City Administrator, Mike Rizzitiello