Free Water Conservation Items Available to City Residents!

Limit two per household, while supplies last. Please bring a current utility bill to City Hall at 625 South College Avenue and choose any two of the following items, For Free!!

  • 5 GPM Earth 2 (LUXE) Chrome Showerhead
  • 5 GPM Fixed Mounted Earth 3 function Chrome Showerhead
  • 1 Piece Rain Gauge
  • 1 GPM Sink Aerator
  • 5 GPM Kitchen Sink Aerator
  • Stop in Time Shower Timer
  • Toilet Tank Bank (displaces water in toilet tank to reduce water use with each flush)
  • Dye Tablet, 2pk (used to check toilets for leaks)
  • Garden Hose 7-Spray Nozzle
  • Hose Timer

Please help do your part to conserve water by utilizing these items to help reduce your water use.

Conserving Water Will…

  • Save Money
  • Protect the Environment and the local aquifers
  • Protect Public Health

Saving water today will ensure that an adequate and clean water supply exists for tomorrow!

Indoor Water Conservation

  • Minimize flushing the toilet if possible
  • Don’t let the bathroom sink run while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Install water-efficient showerheads and take shorter showers
  • Only wash dishes when necessary
  • Install low-flow fixtures
  • Pre-rinse clothes only when necessary
  • Use the proper load size on laundry machines

Outdoor Water Conservation

  • Water your lawn or garden in short repeated intervals for best absorption
  • Prevent runoff form your sprinkler system
  • To reduce evaporation, avoid watering your lawn in the heat of the day
  • Install trickle or drip irrigation for slow steady watering of plants and shrubs
  • Add 2” to 4” of mulch around plants and trees to avoid excess evaporation
  • Choose native or adapted plants for your landscaping. These plants usually require less care and water
  • If your lawn is healthy, consider letting it go dormant in the summer. It will turn green again when it rains.
  • Clean your driveway with a broom rather than using the hose
  • Don’t let your hose run unnecessarily, use a hose with a shutoff nozzle for washing your car

To learn more visit the Washington State Department of Health website.

COMPREHENSIVE WATER SYSTEM PLAN UPDATE (Adopted via Resolution #22-045 on July 26th, 2022

Resolution #22-054 Adopting Water System Plan: July 26th, 2022
Adopted Water System Plan 

Public Works Department Phone (Monday-Friday: 8 AM to 5 PM): ph: 509-394-8526 em: rmcandrews@cpwa.us 

Afterhours: WESCOM Non-Emergency Dispatch: (509)-527-1960 

College Place's Water Utility is dedicated to providing reliable, high quality water services by using proven treatment techniques and best management practices. Services include pumping and purifying water, maintaining the water distribution system and planning for future needs, all with the most responsible use of city resources. The College Place water system consists of the three wells, the water tank located at 218 SE Fourth Street, and the Eastside water storage  facility located at Southeast Maple Street in College Place. 

2022 Consumer Confidence Report

The City of College Place Water Service area is bounded by:

North Boundary:  C Street on the North between Myra and College and then Whitman between Homestead and College. 
East Boundary: Myra Rd between C Street out to south city limits. 
South Boundary; South city limits of College Place
West Boundary: City Limits up until Whitman Drive, then College Avenue. 

Northern College Place is served by two irrigation districts that provide potable water. 

To view current water system projects information visit our Current Project Page

Water System Plan and Rate Study

2016 Water System Plan Amendments
2016 Water Rate Study Presentation
2014 Comprehensive Water System Plan Update (Part 1)
2014 Comprehensive Water System Plan Update (Part 2)