Special Event Permits

A Special Event Permit Application is required for all events occurring within the City of College Place impacting a public right-of-way, city owned property, vehicle or pedestrian traffic, general welfare or the overall safety and security of the community which requires or may require services of the City.

Your event will likely need a permit if it involves the following:

  • Anytime an event, party or activity expects to draw 100 people or more, in the public right-of-way (park, street etc.)
  • Anytime an event is held on private property and the event affects or impacts the City, surrounding public or private property, or which may involve an improper use of the property under the City ordinances such as zoning restrictions, noise restrictions, temporary portable sign permits etc.
  • Outdoor concert, performance and entertainment, public or semi-public, dance, or recreation event
  • Circuses, carnivals, fairs, and festivals
  • Farmer’s markets and swap meets
  • Athletic event including walks, runs, bicycle and vehicle races
  • Organized/sponsored vehicle and boat shows
  • Sales event outside the normal sales area of a business, such as a sidewalk and parking lot sales and other special promotions
  • Fireworks display/show
  • Street fair, craft show on a residential or commercial right-of-way which is likely to obstruct, delay or interfere with normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Outdoor amplified music
  • Parades/marches, rallies, processions or mass gatherings
  • Sale of consumption of alcoholic beverages

Click here to download: Special Events Application 2023

For more information regarding the special event permitting process, please contact:

Andrea St. Clair

Special Events Coordinator
City of College Place