Entry Level Police Officer Recruitment and Selection Process

The hiring of a police officer is a lengthy and complex process and is accomplished through the state civil service system as adopted by Chapter 2.48 of the College Place Municipal Code (C.P.M.C.). Listed below are the steps prospective police officer candidates are required to go through to reach the final selection process.  Lateral Entry officers WILL NOT be required to test with Public Safety Testing. However, a physical agility examination hosted by the city will be required. 

1)      Applications are solicited through the local newspaper of record and often through other sources such as the Washington State Law Enforcement Digest, the Association of Washington Cities website, and the City of College Place website.

2)      A physical agility examination is conducted. Candidates must satisfactorily complete all phases of this test prior to advancing to the next step.  Visit publicsafetytesing.com to schedule the physical examination.

3)      A written examination is conducted. To proceed to the next step the candidate must obtain a minimum score of 70%.  Visit  publicsafetytesting.com to schedule the written examination.

4)      Candidates successfully completing steps 1 and 2 are then scheduled for an interview in front of a panel approved by the Civil Service Commission.

5)      The names of the top three candidates established by their scores obtained in steps 2, 3, and 4 are submitted by the civil service commission to the chief of police. The chief will set up a time to extensively interview each candidate.

6)      A background check is conducted on one or all three candidates. The candidate is fingerprinted, a criminal history check is conducted, and interviews are done with former employers, neighbors, friends, relatives, references, former teachers, spouse (current and former), co-workers, and others who have had significant interaction with the prospective employee.

7)      Once a final candidate is selected to proceed in the process, a conditional offer of employment is extended. At this time the candidate must sign an agreement to continue employment with the department for a minimum of three years or pay back to the city a  prorated portion of his / her training expenses. 

8)      The candidate(s) must successfully complete a polygraph examination conducted by a certified polygraph examiner.

9)      The candidate must successfully complete a psychological examination conducted by a certified psychologist or psychiatrist.

10)   The candidate must successfully complete a drug screening examination.

11)   The candidate must successfully complete a medical / physical examination to determine his / her fitness for employment.

12)   A credit background check is conducted.

13)   The chief of police makes the final selection and obtains the authorization of the city administrator to hire the individual.