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Homestead Development

Welcome to the City of College Place!  We are looking forward to making your project a reality.   Our development process is comprised of two steps...planning your project and then constructing it.  The Commercial Building Process shown below is generally applicable to all projects, plats and developments brought to the City for review.  Contact the Planning Department for more information on the process for your project.   Be sure to also review our "Helpful Hints" for moving your project more quickly to construction.

Development Review Flowchart

This is a portal for developer's doing work in the City of College Place.   

Key Sites 

Municipal Code - City of College Place Municipal Code

State of Washington Building Code - Minimum state building code which serves as city's building code. 

Key Development Contacts

Mike Rizzitiello - City Administrator (General City Questions, State/Federal Incentives, Financing) Phone: (509)-394-8506  Email: mrizzitiello@cpwa.us

Jon Rickard - Planning Director (Planning & Zoning Questions) Phone: (509)-394-8524 Email: jrickard@cpwa.us

Paul Hartwig - Public Works Director (Right-of-Way and Utility Questions) Phone: (509)-394-8526 Email: phartwig@cpwa.us

Robert Gordon - City Engineer (Engineering and Franchise Standards) Phone: (509)-394-8525 Email: rgordon@cpwa.us

Scott Hall - Building (Building Code Questions, Plan Review), Phone: (509)-394-8522 Email: shall@cpwa.us

General Links - City Departments 

General Links - General Resources