The purpose of the banner code is to allow for the display of public service messages of the city, its schools, and university, for the promotion of city events or activities, and for announcements promoting events or activities taking place within the city of College Place city limits or other such events or activities in which the city participates or sponsors. All use is limited to events or activities that are of community nature, for example, cultural, historical, and sporting events, and school pride. Banners may not be used for political or commercial purposes and lewd or obscene material as defined in RCW 7.48A.010 and as amended, is prohibited.

There are 136 banners arms located on College Avenue. 

103  locations are available for qualifying events.  Not all locations may be available at time of request.  

33 are for the exclusive use of Walla Walla University a the discretion of the City.  


A.  All banners are to be 18 inches by 36 inches.

B.  Openings: Four-inch pockets across the top and bottom with double stitched turn down;

C.  Grommets must be installed on the upper and lower inside corners.

D.  Approved materials:

  • Acrylic;
  • Nylon;
  • Cotton canvas;
  • Vinyl;
  • Other fabrics with equivalent strength or approved by the city.

E.  Banners shall be in satisfactory condition meaning, new or in like new condition, with no signs of tears, cracks, rips, holes, or weather or sun damage and not be brittle or threadbare. The director reserves the right to not authorize the installation of banners that are not in satisfactory condition and/or to order the removal of banners that are not in satisfactory condition.

colleg place (banner proof) 3

The city evaluates each banner submission on a case-by-case basis based on City Code. It is strongly recommended that you obtain approval for your respective design before you order the banners to be printed. The city will not assume responsibility for any costs associated with non-approved banners. Prior approval of any banner design does not exempt the banner from further and subsequent review for each application.  Email banner art for pre approval to Jon Rickard.

A.  All event banners must feature a community event or activity occurring within the city. 

B. All event banners must include the event date(s).   

C. Banners should be aesthetically pleasing.

D.  Event/host organization logos may be approved as banner artwork and are limited to 20 percent or less of the printable banner area.

E.  Letter size should be no smaller than three inches in height.

F.  Banners must be printed on both sides.


Applicants shall provide the city a certificate of liability insurance naming the city as an additional insured in the amounts of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and $2,000,000.00 aggregate, or city approved equivalent proof of self-insurance or member in good standing of a risk pool, or as required per the use agreement(s).

A.  Applications shall be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the requested installation date. For banner pole use for reoccurring events/activities previously approved should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the requested installation date. The city shall process only complete applications and will respond to the application on or before 14 calendar days.

B.  Banners may be installed for a maximum of two calendar weeks prior to the event or activity start date.

C.  Banners may be installed for a maximum of four calendar weeks following the event or activity start.

D.  Banners not associated with an event date may be installed for up to 12 weeks.

E.  There shall be a gap of at least 12 weeks between reinstallation of the same banner(s); the fact that a banner is being reinstalled at a different banner pole does not alleviate this time gap requirement.

F.  The city will remove banners immediately upon expiration of the approved time period for the banner.

G.  The city reserves the right to temporarily remove banners for a period of up to seven business days to hang city banners for federal, state, and city holidays.

Application Fee Per Installation, non refundable - $69.00*
Per Banner Installation - $37.50*
Once approval has been given, city staff will mail an invoice to the applicant for the required fees. The reservation of the approved banner spaces shall not be considered confirmed until full payment is received.
*Fee Resolution NO. 21.054 or most recently adopted resolution, subject to change without notice.