The Walla Walla Regional Housing Action Plant is a joint effort between the Cities of Walla Walla, College Place, Waitsburg, and Dayton.  The Cities received funding from the WA State Department of Commerce to conduct this regional housing action plan.

The Regional Housing Action Plan examines housing affability, housing needs and gaps, access and structural diversity issues as well as strategies and actions to be taken by each jurisdiction.  

This Plan highlights existing housing conditions and issues and forecasts future needs based on changing demographic and socio-economic conditions. Using feedback from a dedicated project advisory committee and stakeholder committee and survey input from over 400 citizens, this plan reflects current attitudes regarding housing priorities. While significant steps have already been taken by the cities of College Place, Dayton, Waitsburg and Walla Walla, this Plan lists new housing policies and actions that can be taken for each city to further enhance housing opportunities.

Takeaways for College Place: the projected 20-year housing need of 747 dwelling units is far greater than the potential UGA capacity of 345 units, even after accounting for recent code changes and assuming 60% of net new housing will need to be constructed on infill and redevelopment lands.