Critical Areas

The purpose of the City's Critical Area Protection Ordinance is to identify critical areas to help preserve the natural environment, maintain fish and wildlife habitat, and protect drinking water, and to supplement the city's development regulations governing land use.

For more information on Critical Area Protection visit the Chapter 14.70 - Critical Area Protections.

Best Available Science (BAS) documentation.
Final BAS

The following critical area maps should be used in conjunction with Chapter 14.70 - Critical Area Protection.

Figure 2.3.1 Fish Bull Trout
Figure 2.3.1 Fish Summer Steelhead
Figure 2.4.1 Existing Riparian Areas
Figure 2.5.1 Streams Classification 
Figure 2.6.1 Recommended Buffers / Terrestrial Species
Figure 4.2.1 Wetlands 
Figure 5.3.1 Potential Liquefaction
Figure 5.3.2 Steep Slopes
Figure 5.3.3 Potential Water Erosion
Figure 5.3.4 Potential Wind Erosion 
Figure 6.2.1 Frequently Flooded Areas
Figure 7.3.1 Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas