Volunteer Firefighter

The City of College Place is recruiting Volunteer Firefighters. 

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Five reasons why YOU should join the
     College Place Fire Department

1. You can live for free! Residents live at the fire station in a dorm-like setting with benefits like wired and wireless internet access in each room, free laundry access, a weight room, uniforms, and you get to ride in a fire engine! The only regular, monthly living expense you have is food.
2. You get paid to fight fires! All resident firefighters receive a monthly stipend, depending on qualifications, in exchange for serving a regularly scheduled shift every third weeknight and some weekends. Live-at-home firefighters receive a monthly stipend based on qualifications and their activity level in responding to emergencies, volunteering for shifts, attending department training and providing additional support for community events.
3. You will learn everything you need to know on the job! All members go through a series of basic firefighter training prior to responding to emergency incidents. After this basic training, members participate in a weekly department training session used to learn new skills, maintain current skills, or expand on the basics of firefighting. Firefighters can receive in-house training to become internationally certified, as well as training opportunities to become an engine or ambulance driver, wildland firefighter or an EMT. There are also opportunities for rank promotion and leadership within the department.
4. Serve your community around your schedule! The resident program is designed to accommodate people who need to attend classes, study, or have other jobs during the day. Live-at-home firefighters dedicate their time and talent, as they are available, while attending department trainings on Monday evenings.
5. You get to be a firefighter! This is a terrific community service organization where you get to have an active, hands-on part in helping people in our community and our surrounding neighbors.

For more information on joining the College Place Fire Department, call 529-6506 ext. 4 or email Training Officer Patrick Evensen at pevensen@cpwa.us.