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RFP: City Hall Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

RFP: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
The Request for Proposal is located here

Bid Results: February 14th, 2020

Question Answers for RFP: January 29th, 2020

1. Do we anticipate there will be a need for asphalt painting included for signage and/or handicap emblems on the asphalt or are you wanting post mounted signage? 

Answer: We believe we may need asphalt painting and handicap emblem on the pavement. 

2. The RFP is stating that a 5" conduit be installed underground. What is the intent of the 5" conduit? 

Answer: The 5" conduit is what technical assistance document provided by the firm Pacific Power hired said it needed. In the bid you could put in the price of the 5" and list the cost of the cheaper conduit and the rationale as to how it would be appropriate for the EV Charger. 

3. Will the project require prevailing wage? 

Answer: Yes