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The City of College Place, Washington has a great public and faith-based K-12 education system. It is also home to Walla Walla University. Neighboring City of Walla Walla is home to Whitman College and Walla Walla Community College. More information about each institution is located below. 

College Place Public Schools
. 1755 S. College Ave Phone: (509)-525-4827

The College Place School District voters approved a bond allowing construction of a new elementary and high school for the growing District. Its first Senior Class will graduate in 2018. 

College Place High School

Rogers School . 200 SW Academy Way . Phone: (509)-529-1850

Rogers School is a Seventh-Day Adventist Faith Based elementary school institutution. The current Rogers School facility was constructed in 2004. 

Walla Walla Valley Academy
 . 300 SW Academy Way . Phone: (509)-525-1050

Walla Walla Valley Academy is a Seventh-Day Adventist Faith-Based High School institution. 


Walla Walla University . 204 S. College Ave . Phone: (509)-527-2615

Walla Walla University is a Seventh-Day Adventist Faith Based University. It has a total student population of around 2,000 and is located in the heart of the city. 

Walla Walla University Administration Building

Whitman College . 345 Boyer Ave, Walla Walla . Phone: (509)-527-5111
WHitman College

Walla Walla Community College . 500 Tausick Way, Walla Walla . Phone: (509)-522-2500