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COVID-19 & College Place  (Updated 5-27-2020 at 9:00 AM) 
The City received word the morning of May 27th that Governor Inslee/Secretary Wiseman approved Walla Walla County to move into Phase II of the SafeStart Plan. Phase II allows the following: 
  • All outdoor recreation involving fewer than five people outside of your household. 
  • Gatherings of no more than five people outside of your household. 
  • Limit non-essential travel within proximity of your home. 
  • Remaining manufacturing
  • New construction
  • In-home/domestic services
  • Retail (in-store purchases allowed with restrictions)
  • Real estate
  • Professional services/office based businesses
  • Hail and nail salons/Barbers
  • Restaurants <50% capacity table size no larger than five. 
Please note that all businesses must follow the State Department of Health Phase II Business Guidance for your respective industry. Please contact the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health with any questions surrounding opening of businesses in Phase II. 
City facilities are still closed to the public until Phase III of the State's SafeStart Plan but staff can be reached by phone or email. For additional information on the COVID-19 situation, please visit the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health website for current countywide case numbers, the Governor's Coronavirus-19 Website, or the various informational videos the City has published on city projects or functions located below: 

Key information:
Governor's Statewide Recovery Plan
Phase 1 Construction Restart
City Departmental Response
Local Response
Business Response
Information About the Virus
Timeline of COVID-19 in the Walla Walla Valley
Goods & Services
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  • City Newsletter: April 2020
  • City Hall, Police Department, and Fire Department lobby areas are closed to the public effective March 17th, 2020. Staff can be reached by dialing ph: 509-529-1200 or by email
  • City Parks remain open for residents to walk in as long as you maintain social distancing of six feet. Assets in which social distancing are impossible to maintain or that have the potential to pose a health risk to residents are closed until further notice such as playground equipment and the basketball courts. 
  • Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments are operational. Police are patrolling the neighborhoods, Fire Department/EMS is responding to calls, and the Public Works Department is maintaining our water, wastewater, and storm water systems. 
  • If you need emergency assistance, please call 911. If you are experiencing symptoms which may indicate COVID-19 (respiratory issues, fever, etc), please let dispatch know so first responders can take precautions. 
  • Utility Bills: The City still issued utility bills in the mail. However, per Resolution 20-009 if a resident is directly impacted by COVID-19 (Quarantine, Job Loss, etc) call the Finance Department at 509-529-1200. Convey the situation. The City can make payment arrangements for a later time. Late fees will not be charged and utilities will not be shut off. 
  • Business Practices: Resolution 20-009 permits the Mayor with the consultation of the City Administrator, Police Chief, and Fire Chief to further regulate business practices such as needed to prevent hoarding and also prohibit price gouging on key products. If anyone notices hoarding/price gouging activities, please contact Police Chief Troy Tomaras at ph: 509-525-7778 or em: ttomaras@cpwa.us
  • City Advisory Board & Commission meetings are cancelled until the Emergency Declaration is either cancelled by the Mayor or the Governor. 
  • City Council Meetings: City Council meetings shall be held online via the Zoom web meeting medium. City meetings will be simulcast on the city's Youtube page. If you have any comments or testimony on agenda items, please forward to City Clerk Lisa Neissl at ph: 509-394-8511 or em: lneissl@cpwa.us 
  • Follow the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health and Walla Walla County Emergency Management on Facebook.
  • The County Department of Community Health also provides regularly updated COVID-19 statistics on its website, and operates a public health hotline to call if you have concerns: 509-524-2647.
  • Follow Providence St. Mary Medical Center on Facebook.
  • College Place Public Schools: Webpage that lists response by College Place Public Schools. 
  • Youtube videos on local Response to COVID-19 Pandemic (Thank you Blue Mountain Television) 
  • Youtube videos on local Response to COVID-19 Pandemic (Thank you Chief Tomaras 5-7-2020)


  • College Place Public Schools is providing meals for students. Follow CPPS on Facebook or on its website.
  • The Walla Walla Senior Center is providing meals for older residents. Follow the Senior Center on Facebook or on its website, or call 509-527-3775.
  • Keys to Crowns is willing to provide food for people who need it, or pick up food from donors and deliver it to those in need. Message them through their Facebook page.

Goods and services


  • To help College Place residents who might be having financial difficulties during this time, City officials have decided to not shut off water services for nonpayment during the emergency. Late fees will not be added anyone directly impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic (Furlough, Layoff, Doctor ordered isolation). Call 509-529-1200 and choose the Finance Dept option or Email: bcarleton@cpwa.us
  • The members of Life Church are raising funds to help their neighbors in need. If you could use some assistance, or would like to help their efforts, call Community Outreach Coordinator Kim Wilson at 541-212-9342 or email kim@lifeschurchww.com.
  • The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions has developed a list of financial resources for Washington consumers impacted by the Coronavirus.


  • Are you experiencing issues with your mental health during this crisis? The Mental Health Network of Walla Walla can match you up with someone who can help.
  • The following locations are currently able to test for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19: Providence St. Mary’s Emergency Department, Providence St. Mary’s Urgent Care (now doing drive-through triage/testing), Providence St. Mary’s Family Medicine Fever Clinic, Walla Walla Clinic, Department of Corrections, Walla Walla VA and Yakima Valley Family Medical Center. The health care provider or office who administered your test will contact you with your results once they are available. If you have MyChart, lab results will also appear in your online account. The current estimated turnaround for receiving results is three to four days, though the exact timing may vary.

Legal Assistance

  • Northwest Justice Project has a special web page providing information and related materials to assist low-income people address legal problems they may experience as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • The Washington state Office of Civil Legal Aid provides information about how to access legal aid for COVID-19-related problems.

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