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Values & Vision


By 2027, College Place is noted for its vibrant downtown with a mix of small businesses and housing that interfaces with Walla Walla University that give residents and a growing tourist trade the feeling of a small town.  The City has attracted large-scale commercial development along its most trafficked roads, thus growing its tax base. 

Resourceful in the use of finance tools and grant opportunities, the City gets extra value from every dollar of local taxes.  Resources support a staff of dedicated, competent employees adequate to provide safety and responsiveness.  Deferred maintenance is a thing of the past as depreciation is funded and cash reserves prepare the city to pursue opportunities without excess risk. 

Mutual respect is shared between the City Council, residents, and staff.  Residents, retirees, students, professionals, and young families feel safe; they know their neighbors and many of the city employees by name.  Citizens are engaged and knowledgeable of the affairs of the City due to the character of staff and the quality, timeliness, and context through which information is shared; cooperation is a community norm.  Volunteerism is high across the commissions of the City. 

People circulate easily irrespective of mode, whether car, foot or bike; a system of sidewalks and trails make foot traffic a preferred method to get around town.  The community turns out regularly for the events calendared throughout the year, co-hosted in partnership with the municipality and institutions such as:  businesses, volunteer organizations, College Place Public Schools, Rogers School, Walla Walla Valley Academy, and Walla Walla University.


In its expression of civic leadership and service, Council and staff hold these core values.

Open and Honest

The City is transparent and fair in its dealings. It is plain spoken in its communication. The City is engaged with its citizens in two-way communication and desires an aware and informed citizenry. The municipality is accountable for its actions and choices.


College Place works well with others and values mutually-beneficial outcomes for the City and its partners.


The City fosters respect between its Council and staff, Citizens, neighbors, its natural resources and built environment, its resident businesses to bind College Place into a sustainable and prosperous community. The City honors its heritage.


The City exists to provide services to its constituents. It is an organized, learning organization that makes data-driven decisions. It’s employees and Council are empathetic and humble.


The City recognizes differences between people and values these differences as an asset. College Place fosters an environment where individuals find safety, dignity, and acceptance.