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Helpful Links

HELPFUL LINKS: See below for key  development and permitting contacts and resources.

Key Development Contacts
     Mike Rizzitiello - City Administrator (General City Questions, State/Federal Incentives, Financing)
                  Phone:     (509) 394-8506    Email: mrizzitiello@cpwa.us
     Jon Rickard - Planning Director (Planning & Zoning Questions)
                  Phone: (509) 394-8524   Email: jrickard@cpwa.us
     Paul Hartwig - Public Works Director (Right-of-Way and Utility Questions)
                  Phone: (509) 394-8526   Email: phartwig@cpwa.us
     Robert Gordon - City Engineer (Engineering Standards and Review)
                 Phone: (509) 394-8525   Email: rgordon@cpwa.us
     Larry Bohlman- Building (Building Code Questions, Plan Review),
                Phone: (509) 394-8521   Email: lbohlman@cpwa.us
     John Boose - Fire Marshal (Fire Code Questions)
                Phone: (509) 394-8603    Email: jboose@cpwa.us


General Links
- City Departments 

General Links - General Resources