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(NOTE:  This page under construction...thank you for your patience.)


COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT.  Need help getting started with your commercial development?  Here’s how ... 

 1. Need help locating a property?Helpful Hints

 2. Contact us...

 3. Schedule pre-application meeting

Help us help you with...

    • Project details
    • Conceptual site plan
    • Design Professional to Attend/Participate
    • Contact Us

 4. Submit Site Plan Application

  • Submit application with...
  • Site Plan
  • Studies and Reports (not all may apply)
    • Survey (sample/standards)
    • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA sample)
    • Geotechnical /Liquifaction Report  (sample)
    • Preliminary Stormwater (sample)
    • Conceptual Water & Sewer Plans (sample)
    • Critical Areas Report (sample)
    • SEPA/Environmental Checklist (sample)
    • Cultural Resources Report (sample)

 5. Get Planning Approval...

  • We’ll let you know within 28 days whether your application is complete.
  • Once it is complete, within 90 days, the city will…
    • Review application
    • Issue public notice (with comment period)
    • Establish conditions
    • Issue final decision (administrative or by hearing examiner )

 Note: time frames pause while waiting for requested information.

 5. Submit for Construction

 Note: Civil and building plans are submitted separately but can be reviewed concurrently. 
Building permits will not be issued until civil plans are approved.