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Garrison Creek 

Stormwater Utility Billing Notice

Just a quick reminder.  The city is scheduled to begin billing for stormwater services this month.  Most of the background effort associated with identifying the affected properties and including them in our billing process is complete.  We are very close and expect to include these charges on our utility bills this month.  There are still a few loose ends we are tying up.    Credit applications for properties with engineered stormwater systems are still being processed.  Some customers who are approved for the credit may not see that reflected in this month’s bill.  If you are one of these customers, you will see this month’s credit applied in subsequent billings.   Likewise, there are a few odd lots with impervious areas (areas that will not absorb rainfall) that will need to be billed, but that are not associated with a current city billing account.  Most of these are parking lot areas.    Charges for most of these lots will not appear in this month’s utility bill but will accounted for in subsequent billings.

Thank you for your patience as we wade through this process.  We will keep you posted in the event there are any other changes to our scheduled billing.

In 2013, the  City of College Place was placed on notice by the State of Washington Department of Ecology  that the City would be regulated under Phase 2 of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).  In order to prepare for regulation, the City hired Parametrix, Inc. in June 2017 to begin putting together a stormwater plan to inclue establishing a municipal stormwater utility. The utility is a vehicle by which municipal ratepayers pay a fee for the city to establish stormwater detention/retention facilities or treat stormwater via passive methods. The City received a grant from the State Department of Ecology for over $90,000 to begin a Stormwater Utility Master Plan.   Information on the Stormwater Utility Planning and Rate Formation Process is located here. 

For more information - Contact Mr. Robert Gordon - City Engineer at (509)-394-8525 or rgordon@cpwa.us


Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington - State manual which dictates design standards for stormwater facilities in Eastern Washington State. (2004)