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Snow Removal

College Avenue - Winter of 2016-17
Snow and Ice Control 
We all know how unpredictable our weather can be. We have experienced many winters (normally the months of December, January, and February) with no snow accumulation to winters with more than 36 inches of measurable snow. With a population of 9,000 and approximately 40 miles of streets, the city strives to provide an acceptable level of snow and ice control. 

Normal Snow and Ice Conditions 

Plows remove snow from the travel lane when snow depth and estimated accumulation indicate the need to plow. Our fleet of snow fighting equipment consists of a grader, salter, sander, and two backhoes that are readied and manned by our crew of trained equipment operators by October 31 each year. 

The city’s present snow control policy establishes the degree of snow control to be used on the streets with the following priority: 
  • First Priority: All major arterial streets and arterial intersections considered to be the minimum network that must be kept open to provide a transportation system connecting hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and emergency medical services
    • College Avenue, Southeast 12th Street, Northeast Rose Street, Lamperti Street, Southeast Meadowbrook Boulevard, Taumarson Road, Whitman Drive, Larch Avenue, Fourth Street, and C Street
  • Second Priority: Intersections, topographically difficult streets, and those streets serving public / private schoolsThird Priority: Residential streets
    • Schools, collectors, hills
  • Third Priority: Residential streets
Emergency Snow Conditions 

When winter weather conditions are severe, the city administrator may declare a snow emergency. Factors such as wind, temperature, and current and projected snow accumulations influence this decision. Newspapers and local radio and TV stations are immediately informed in an effort to alert the public. 

Equipment operators may work in shifts to provide 24-hour-per-day snow removal operations and appreciate courteous and friendly drivers and pedestrians. Please help them help you!

Prevent Accidents

Snow can be beautiful, but it can also create hazards. When residents fail to clear their sidewalks, the results can be a treacherous ice patch. We need your help in protecting pedestrians from possible injury. 

Sidewalk Maintenance

Residents are responsible to maintain their sidewalks adjacent to their property.
  • Give plenty of room to snow plows and sanders- these vehicles make frequent stops, turns, and back-ups frequently.
  • If your sidewalk is icy, you may correct the hazard by applying a heavy coat of sand.
  • Keep the sidewalks in front of your home free from snow and ice.
  • Park cars off the street where possible to avoid being plowed in. This also allows the plow to place the snow next to the curb.

Driveway Maintenance
  • Clear the entrance to your driveway after the snow plow has plowed your street.
  • Keep a clear path to your mail box.
  • Please help your neighbor(s) with snow removal from their driveway and sidewalk.
  • Please pile the snow on your yard, not in the street.
  • Shovel snow to the right hand side of driveway when facing the street. This will reduce snow being plowed back into your driveway.

Your kindness will be greatly appreciated. Some local organizations have volunteers who are willing to assist the elderly or handicapped with snow removal.

Snow Removal Referrals

If you are in need of snow removal assistance, please contact one of the agencies below.


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