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Leaf Collection

Pick-Up Regulations

Leaf pick up will begin after the first major freeze. As homeowners begin to rake their leaves to the curb, it would be helpful if an effort is made to leave six inches between the curb and the leaf pile. This will help minimize any potential flooding and clogging of drains when it rains. Putting your refuse container 6 inches away from the curb will help as well. 

To have your leaves picked up by the city, they must be free of branches, brush, trimmings, and placed loose (no bags) on the street. There are no designated pick-up days. The city will pick leaves up as able and will continue to pick up leaves without charge until December 31. Any leaves placed in the street after December 31 will be charged. The city will charge residents for leaf piles that contain other yard debris. The disposal of leaves does not allow for other debris to be collected with the leaves. 

Requirements for leaf pickup

  • Place loose leaves in the street along the curb near the gutter.
  • Don't block stormwater grates.
  • Separate loose leaves and brush. Piles that contain limbs, brush or other yard waste will not be picked up.
  • Leaves need to be free of other debris and not bagged.
  • Park vehicles at least ten feet away from piles.
  • Do not place leaves in lanes of travel (bike lanes/travel lanes).
For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at (509)-525-0510.