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Commercial Review

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If you have your planning approvals and are ready to submit building plans for your commercial/multifamily project, here’s how.

 1. Prepare ApplicationHelpful Hints

  • Confirm Planning Department project approval (required in advance)
  • Complete Application
    • Identify design professional to serve as project lead/primary point of contact
  • Attach Plans

 2. Contact Building Department

  • Set up appointment with Building Department to review application for completeness
  • Application and fee will be accepted if application contains required submittals and is deemed adequate for review
  • Design professional project lead to attend/participate

 3. City Review Initiated

  • Review cycle timeframe: 4 weeks for return of comments.
  • City to request additional information and/or corrections as necessary

 Note: time frames pause while waiting for requested information.  More than one review cycle may be required depending on completeness of plans and response to comments.

 4. Building Permit Issued

  • Building permits to including demolition and clearing and grubbing activities will not be issued until civil plans are approved by the Engineering Department.
  • Civil and building improvements may be constructed at the same time.

 5. Inspections

 6. Final Occupancy

 Note: The City of College Place does not issue temporary occupancy permits.